My Story


In my mid 30's, I began having unexplained issues with the skin on my face. I was having an unpredictable cycle of breakouts, rashes, redness, bumps, irritation, burning, itching and stinging. It was random and frustrating. I spent about 8 years going from Doctor to Doctor getting one conflicting diagnosis after another.

No one could explain or alleviate the symptoms. I tried prescribed creams and soaps, oral and topical medications, I was scratch tested, patch tested and had blood work done.

Finally, I found an integrative Doctor. He is an MD but has an additional background in allergies and natural and holistic medicine. Based on information gleaned during the comprehensive history he took at our first visit, he ordered a blood test for something called “delayed reaction food allergies”.

This was something no one else ever mentioned. Several problem foods were discovered, all of which I ate in abundance. I eliminated those foods from my diet and almost immediately my physical symptoms began to disappear!

Because these types of allergies can be genetic, I had (my then 9 year old) son tested. He had been having some random, unexplained rashes on his body and mild gastric issues for that last few years. He did test positive for similar food allergies and since eliminating those, his gastric issues and rashes have disappeared too.

These life changes have been a gift in many other ways too.