Friday, July 23, 2010

Carrot (Pulp) Cake - Recipe

We love to juice!
Anyone that has juiced carrots knows that you end up with a humongous amount of pulp/fiber.

We didn't want to through away it's goodness so I hunted for some easy recipes to utilize it.
I found one for a raw carrot cake type was amazing!

A bit more like pumpkin pie and completely decadent.
Throw all ingredients in a food processor and press in a pan.
See the link below for the forum that had the recipe we use.

After a bit in the fridge...
this is what you end up with!
Yes, that is raw carrot pulp!

(Forum post #1 by sunshineandstars )
We added a vegan (un) cream cheese frosting...recipe also found online.


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