Saturday, July 3, 2010

Dairy Free, Homemade, Raw Ice Cream Tip

After giving up conventional desserts about 8 years ago
and then discovering an allergy to dairy products,
I just figured my ice cream days were over.

Then I discovered raw ice cream! Yea!
By adding a few extra natural ingredients,
you can turn almost any smoothie
into creamy, delicious, decadent raw ice cream.
The best thing would be to google “raw ice cream recipes” for specifics
but most of them simply add coconut oil, young coconut meat and sometimes nuts
to a fruit smoothie type thing.

Throw it all in the blender and blend till smooth.
Then you chill it in a bowl in the fridge.
Later you can add things like vegan chocolate chips, fruit or chopped nuts.
An ice cream maker isn’t imperative
but it does help with the consistency when freezing.
I picked up an “out of the box” Cuisinart model for about $30
at a national bed and bath store.

I just load the chilled mix into the frozen bowl,
turn on and wait about 30 minutes.
Just think, in the time it takes to clean up the kitchen after dinner,
you could have a custom blended, healthy raw treat
that you feel good about putting in yourself and your family!

I store the bowl from the ice cream maker in the freezer
so that it is always ready to go!
If you put it in a plastic bag
it won't get frostbite.

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